Showroom 003 - Marais (3rd) - 400m²


First room (53 m²), second room (47 m²), third room (56 m²), fourth room (28 m²)

Accepted events :
Size of the whole space:
Size of the ground floor:
60 m²

Wifi – Toilets - Floor Heating - sink


This place is an elegant and very spacious gallery already used by Ralph Lauren and Karl Lagarfeld for their showrooms.

The surface (180 m²) is divided in four big rooms, with a ceiling height between 4,10m and 4,80m depending to the rooms. In the first three, you can easily put all your equipment for your showroom or your pop-up store. The fourth room, in the back, has a sliding door so you can use it as a storage or as another room of your showroom.

The place is located in a multibrands showroom’s neighbourhood, close to the Centre Georges Pompidou. The gallery is in a little street with a few traffic, but easily found for your customers. You have 3 metro stations around the place : Etienne Marcel, Châtelet les Halles and Rambuteau.

The offices of the owners can’t be used, but a little kitchen and toilets are available for you. On winter, a floor heating works.